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Bring the WOW to your event with Rich’s Deli catering!

Party Trays & Catering for All Occasions

Feast your eyes on Rich’s Deli’s versatile catering options, perfect for any occasion!

From breakfast buffets to robust 6-foot hoagies, our menu includes specialized cheese trays, cold platters, assorted sandwiches or hoagies on trays, fresh vegetable trays (with 48hrs notice), classic Caesar and tossed salads, wraps, and an enticing variety of hot items.

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, large corporate event, or even organizing fund raisers, Rich’s Deli catering ensures your guests will leave with satisfied taste buds.

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Breakfast Buffet

Enjoy the most important meal of the day with Rich’s Deli’s renowned Breakfast Buffet. Jumpstart your day with a spread that resonates with every breakfast lover. From fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon to delicious scrambled eggs and home fries, our buffet offers a delicious ensemble for everyone.

Only $16.00 per person (tax included).
*20-person minimum

Every order also comes with the essential paper products. And for those who need to keep their breakfast warm, Rich’s Deli provides the use of our specialized “hot units.” (Please note: a deposit is required for the hot units.)
We understand every event is unique. If you have specific needs or substitutions in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out.

*24hr notice required

Items Included:

Scrambled Eggs
French Toast
Fresh Bagels with Cream Cheese & Butter
Sausage Patties
Home Fries
Paper Products

Cold Deli Platters

Indulge in our customized Cold Deli Platters for your next event! Choose from 3 meats & 3 cheeses (or 5 of each for 35+ guests) like Roast Beef, Turkey, Imported Ham, Swiss Cheese, American Cheese, Provolone Cheese, and more. Every platter is complete with rolls, choice of two salads (potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad), condiments, and even utensils.

At just $16.00 per person (tax included), Rich’s Deli brings a hearty and flavorful spread to your table.
*10-person minimum
*Three salads included with orders for 15 or more people

Meats & Cheeses

Roast BeefSwiss Cheese
Imported HamAmerican Cheese
Turkey BreastProvolone Cheese
Corned BeefMuenster Cheese
Genoa SalamiCooper Sharp Cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese
Cheddar Cheese

Also Included

Potato SaladCole Slaw
Macaroni SaladPickles
Black Pitted OlivesStuffed Green Olives
Kaiser RollsJewish Rye Bread
Paper Plates & NapkinsUtensils

Traditional Hot & Cold Buffet

Rich’s Deli presents our Traditional Hot & Cold Buffet, crafted with the finest ingredients.

$25.00 per person (+ tax).
*30-person minimum

Our Traditional Buffet features:

Refreshing Tossed or Caesar Salad, paired with your choice of dressings.
Green Beans or Sweet Kernel Corn.
Rolls & Butter.

Main Entrée Selection:

Delight your guests with a choice of one savory main entrée:
Beef Roast, Turkey Breast, one of our Chicken Dishes, a classic Pasta Dish, or the tasty Ham.

Please note: The price quoted does not cover waiters, staff, or service personnel.

Catering Trays

Hoagie Trays

Bring the authentic taste of Philly to your next event with Rich’s Deli’s exquisite Hoagie Trays. Tailor your trays with an assortment of hoagies, each cut into thirds, toothpicked, and artistically arranged for your enjoyment. From our classic favorites to unique creations, each bite-sized piece delivers unmatched flavor and satisfaction. Perfect for parties, gatherings, funerals, or corporate events, our Hoagie Trays add a touch of local flair that your guests will love.

Presentation: Cut in thirds, toothpicked, and artistically placed on a tray.
Pricing: Based on the regular hoagie menu prices plus $5 for each tray used.
Up to 15 Hoagies can fit on each tray.

Sandwich Trays

Indulge in a variety of flavors with Rich’s Deli’s expertly crafted Sandwich Trays. Customizable to your taste, each tray is filled with your choice of sandwiches, thoughtfully cut into halves, and toothpicked for easy enjoyment. Artistic presentation paired with the quality and taste you expect from Rich’s Deli creates a catering experience that’s sure to impress. Ideal for meetings, social gatherings, or celebrations, our Sandwich Trays offer a convenient and delightful way to feed a crowd.

Presentation:  Cut in halves, toothpicked, and artistically placed on a tray.
Pricing:  Based on the regular sandwich menu prices plus $5 for each tray used.

Cubed Cheese & Pepperoni Trays

Add a delightful touch to your party with Rich’s Deli’s Cubed Cheese & Pepperoni Trays. Designed to feed up to 40 people, each tray is an artful arrangement of assorted cheeses and succulent pepperoni, complemented by Honey Mustard for a touch of sweetness. Whether it’s an office gathering, family reunion, or any celebratory occasion, this savory platter provides the perfect addition to your event’s spread.

Size: Feeds up to 40 people.
Pricing: $79 + tax per tray.

Cold Vegetable Tray

A vibrant display of the freshest produce. Each vegetable is picked for its quality and flavor and is artfully arranged to create a visual and culinary masterpiece.

Contents:  Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Green Peppers, Broccoli, & Carrots complimented with both Ranch & Onion dips.
Size: It feeds 40 people.
Pricing: $79 + tax.

*48hrs notice required

Nova & Whitefish Salad Tray

This beautifully decorated tray includes piles of delicious Nova Lox & mounds of Whitefish Salad that only Rich himself would eat!

Contents: Nova Lox, Whitefish Salad, Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, plenty of Cream Cheese, & your assortment of fresh bagels.
Pricing: $20 per person (includes tax)

*24hr notice required

Extra Large Hoagies

Six Foot Hoagies

Make a bold statement at your next gathering with Rich’s Deli’s Six Foot Hoagies! These impressive, fully loaded hoagies are crafted to perfection and serve 20 to 25 people with ease. Choose from our classic fillings or opt for Salad Hoagies, including Tuna and Chicken Salad, for a fresh twist. No matter the occasion, our Six Foot Hoagies add a taste of tradition and flair to your event.

Contents:  Choice of hoagie fillings, with Salad Hoagie options like Tuna and Chicken Salad available.
Size: It feeds 20 to 25 people.
Pricing: $125 + tax for traditional Six Foot Hoagies. Add $10 for Salad Hoagies.

*48hrs notice required

Three Foot Hoagies

Introducing Rich’s Deli’s Three Foot Hoagies – the perfect solution for smaller gatherings that still crave big flavor! Serving 10 to 12 people, these generously sized hoagies are filled with quality ingredients, offering both classic and Salad Hoagie options. Whether it’s a family dinner, team meeting, or a casual get-together, our Three Foot Hoagies bring the authentic taste of Philly to your table.

Contents: Choice of hoagie fillings, including Salad Hoagie options like Tuna and Chicken Salad.
Size:  It feeds 10 to 12 people.
Pricing: $69 + tax for traditional Three Foot Hoagies. Add $5 for Salad Hoagies.

*48hrs notice required

Salad Bowls

Caesar Salad Bowl

Dive into a bountiful bowl of our classic Caesar Salad, a harmonious blend of crisp romaine, seasoned croutons, and shaved parmesan. To ensure freshness, we serve the dressing on the side, allowing guests to personalize their plates.

Size: Designed to cater to up to 40 individuals per bowl
Pricing: $7.95 + tax per person
For those who desire a heartier touch, chicken can be added for an additional $3 per person.

Tossed Salad Bowl

Indulge in a generous bowl of our Tossed Salad, a vibrant medley of fresh greens accompanied by juicy tomatoes, crunchy croutons, and onions. For the perfect finishing touch, choose from our array of dressings: French, Russian, Creamy Italian, Ranch, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Balsamic, and Diet Italian. We serve the dressing on the side to ensure every guest finds their desired flavor.

Size: Designed to cater to up to 40 individuals per bowl.
Pricing: $7.95 + tax per person.
For those seeking a richer flavor, consider adding chicken for just an extra $3 per person.

Hot Catering Dishes

Add a touch of warmth to your event with Rich’s Deli’s selection of delectable hot catering dishes. From savory Hot Roast Beef and succulent Hot Turkey to comforting Mac & Cheese and delicious Baked Ziti, we offer a range of mouthwatering options that will satisfy all your guests. Need something special? We’re open to special requests, ensuring your catering experience is uniquely tailored to your tastes and preferences. Let Rich’s Deli bring hearty flavors to your table and make your gathering a memorable feast.


Hot Roast BeefHot Turkey
MeatballsMac & Cheese
Baked ZitiChicken Dishes

*Open to special requests

Ready to elevate your next event with Rich’s Deli’s exceptional catering? From delightful cold platters to satisfying hot dishes, we’ve got something for everyone. Contact us today to place your order and make any special requests. Let us take care of the food, so you can focus on making memories!